Random Ramblings from Sevilla

(My other working title was “Stephanie finished her homework due tomorrow and doesn’t want to work on her paper anymore.”)

I still have to catch up and fill y’all in on my Barcelona trip (amazing…one of my favorite cities) and la Feria de Abril, a huge festival in Sevilla. But tonight I thought I’d reflect on some little quirks and musings about my host city and study abroad in general. Bear with the randomness of these thoughts:

Last week we were off school for la Feria, but I opted not to travel so that I could enjoy Sevilla and relax a bit. I think I went to the Plaza de España every single day, and I am still not over how beautiful this place is. We must be kindred spirits, I think, because roses, my favorite flowers, are in bloom all over the city, but especially in the Parque de María Luisa where the Plaza is. Those gorgeous yellow ones with the pink tips, sunset orange, red so dark it almost looks black…amazing.

People keep calling me rubia. I’m not sure whose eyes are telling them I’m blonde, though I know that brunette in Spain means more black-brown hair, darker than mine. But I’d like to keep my brunette title, por favor.

In my Phonetics class, we are studying the Andalusian accent, so every time someone with a strong accent speaks, i.e. my host mom or my Civilization and Culture professor, I see their words in my head transcribed phonetically. It’s kind of fun. It’s more fun to write little phrases phonetically while you’re doodling in class. (It counts as studying, right?) 🙂

I never want to eat bread again. Okay, maybe not ever. But the amount of carbs that they consume in Spain is actually blowing my mind. I just want to eat meals of fruits and veggies for a good couple of weeks….

The other night I had a dream about my first day back at TCU this fall. In said dream  I was almost giddy to receive a syllabus with long political science papers written in English assigned. I was happy to contemplate all the classes and activities and jobs I would have to balance with life, even knowing that it would be stressful and exhausting.  That’s kind of nerdily sick. Or fantastic. Well, I know I picked the right major, because I miss it a lot!

Those best friends back home who actually read your walls of texts when Spain life isn’t magical. The ones who don’t get annoyed when you accidentally (or purposefully) text them at weird hours because of the time change. The ones who will send you random lists of the new, the exciting, and the beautifully mundane parts of campus/American life when you’re homesick. The best. I’m so thankful to have the greatest friends in the world.

Study abroad is not what they tell you in the brochures and info sessions. It’s not a five-month vacation. It’s way more challenging than I ever expected, in ways I could not have anticipated. But it’s also full of wonderful experiences that I didn’t even know to hope for, and I am so glad that I came.

On Friday I’m going to the beach in Cádiz, woo hoo! ¡Vamos a la playa!

I should probably defer further musings considering that I have to be in Women and Spanish Literature in eight hours and definitely need sleep so that I’m awake to discuss one of the oddest books I’ve ever read (El silencio de las sirenas by Adelaida García Morales; it means The Silence of the Sirens).


Roses at the Parque de María Luisa




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